[REVIEW] DEALDIG BOXD6, S912 TvBox, Android 7.1.2

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This sample was purchased with my own money, I tested device with stock firmware, and then updated firmware before selling to a friend for their first Android TV box. Sadly in the limited time that I had this device, I didn't get a chance to try atvXperience on it, partly due to me being under the impression that this version of the Beelink hardware was not compatible, and Yes I said "Beelink" because this box is a Vendor/Distributor Clone of the well known Beelink GT1 Ultimate.
Info and Specs from the Gearbest website with my notes in (BOLD) :
Main Features:
- High Configuration
BOXD6 comes with Amlogic S912 octa-core CPU and Mali-T820 MP3 GPU. Offer you ultra-fast running speed and professional graphic processing ability.

- Android 7.1 OS (firmware runs android in 64-bit mode)
Adopt Android 7.1 system which is compatible with the vast majority of Android Apps. Very easy to use. Catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch news or switch to the radio.

- 4K Resolution (don't have a 4K TV so was unable to verify proper 4K playback)
Support 4K resolution and H.265 decoding for true-to-life image quality. Bring you more realistic pictures with better contrast and brighter color.

- Large Storage Space
3GB RAM and 32GB ROM offer big space to quickly start your Apps and games without freezing and buffering. Besides, with expandable TF storage up to 128GB, it greatly improves the reliability of BOXD6.

- Dual-band WiFi
2.4G/5G 802.11ac dual-band WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI 2.0 equipped. Never to worry about slow downloading speed. Multiple options when you watch videos and play games.

- Voice control
Support for Alexa function, with which you are able to control the machine with your voice.

Input: DC 5V 2A
CPU: Amlogic S912 octa-core
GPU: Mali-T820 MP3 up to 750MHz (discovered GPU was only running at 500MHz and 2 cores instead of 3, which is what MP3 stands for, and with a few tweaks I had that corrected)
OS: Android 7.1 (Android 7.1.2 is installed)
Remote battery: 2 x No.7 battery (not included 2 x AAA batteries)
Packing list: 1 x TV Box, 1 x Remote, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x Power Adapter

  • Bluetooth : Yes (4.1)
  • CPU : Other (S912)
  • OS : Android (mobile/tablet OS)
  • Memory : 3G DDR3 (think this is an Typo error and should have said DDR4 like above)
  • Remote Control : Included (IR remote works nicely but I still prefer a quality Air-mouse remote)
  • Internal Storage : 32GB eMMC
  • Wireless : Yes (WiFi Chip AP6255)
  • GPU : Other (Mali-T820 MP3)
  • Video Output : HDMI 2.0
  • Ethernet : None (Incorrect has 1GB Ethernet)

Some Pictures and Notes:
  • BeeUI, the custom Launcher installed so that Dealdig would appear different than the standard LightHome Launcher of Official Beelink branded firmwares. Note the built-in Weather widget didn't work due to being made in 2018 and Yahoo Weather changing API for 2019. 4 Live Wallpapers come preinstalled, work perfectly, and that one in the background is called "Phase Beam."
  • App Drawer built into BeeUI launcher. As you can see not a lot of bloatware apps installed. Note the DEALDIG app that is a receiver app that communicates to a companion Dealdig app that can be downloaded to your phone so you use your phone as a remote controller with swipe inputs or to Pair with Amazon Alexa app and be able to control some basic functions of the device with Alexa voice commands. Only about 5 voice commands worked, examples: "Alexa turn Off TV box" - "Alexa raise TV box volume to 100%" - "Alexa pause TV box." Two additional apps can be seen in the photo, 1 - installed AFRd straight from Beelink's AppMarket, 2 - installed Screenshot Easy to take these screenshots.
  • The device has a Root switch hidden in Developer Settings. Something I was surprised to see in the stock ROM. The device ships with Root activated.
  • This is screenshot of "About" after I updated the original Dealdig 709N1 firmware to Beelink's GT1 Ultimate 711N1 firmware dated 20190621. I did move over the unique stock Apps that where in the original ROM so that is why the BeeUI launcher is visible in the background of the GT1 firmware. The 711N1 version of the firmware is made for the Beelink GT1 with serial number LPN1 and their last OTA.zip installed without a hiccup and I even installed it through TWRP recovery.
  • Tested Ethernet and WiFi, all worked well, as you can see in picture getting full speed of my 175 mbps internet package on 5Ghz WiFi band.
  • A1 SD Bench results. Micro-SDcard, eMMC, and Ram all scored respectably good benchmark results comparable to any of the new S905x2 devices. See a list of some Ram benchmarks organized at TVBoxStop blog.
  • BENCHMARKS: Didn't run Antutu 7 because Beelink built the kernel with OpenGL ES 3.0 driver instead of 3.1 or 3.2 which the GPU is rated to handle and you need at least 3.1 to run Antutu 7. Was unable to install Geekbench4 straight from Google Play onto this device, maybe it is no longer available from Playstore, so installed Geekbench5 which has a whole different point system to what I was used to with Geekbench4, so did back-to-back Geekbench5 tests with my stock S912 device and this Dealdig box scored higher benchmarks.
    Geekbench5 test score = Single-core 116 and Multi-core 528
    Ran 3DMark graphics test as well. Results didn't impress me and where about average for old S912 devices.
    3DMark test score = Slingshot 412, Ice Storm Extreme 4459, Ice Storm Unlimited 8196
  • Packaging was nice and above the normal standard of just a plain brown box.
  • What comes in the Box.
  • Top of the TvBox, texture is rough with glossy Dealdig branding.
  • Rear and Side I/0 ports.
  • Opened the device to Verify the hardware.
  • WiFi Chip Ampak AP6255.
  • eMMC chip.
  • Bottom of the PCB. Didn't remove the heat shield for fear of damaging it, so was not able to verify what ram chips where used.
  • Currently on sale for $49.99 while supplies last at Gearbest.com - Compared to the standard Beelink GT1 Ultimate sale price you are getting a substantial discount for virtually the same device. Device was delivered exactly 2 weeks from date of purchase.
  • OPINION: A very well made device, if I didn't already have an S912 device, this would definitely be worth buying again. When I first saw this device several months ago, I knew almost instantly that it was a GT1-Ultimate clone, and luckily a friend was in the market for a TV box under $60, so this made perfect sense to get for them. Of course, I couldn't leave the stock Firmware untouched so installed the OTA update and added Tweaks to help the device run even smoother then it came stock. The device also did what the marketing ads stated about the Alexa support which I was a little skeptical about before buying. Conclusion, I very much liked this Dealdig BoxD6 and would recommend it to anybody who wants an Android 7 TvBox with good hardware and decent software.
To Purchase: https://www.gearbest.com/other-consumer ... id=1433363

For Questions and Commentary refer to this post: viewtopic.php?p=10085#p10085
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